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Structure Fire on Hartford Road
Paged out as a natural cover fire seen from interstate, upon investigation, a fully involved 2 story structure was discovered. 1901 alerted comm center to page a first alarm. Waynesville Fire recieved mutual aid from St. Robert Fire Dept. and Crocker Fire Dept. was on standby at Station 1. The Fire Marshall was called and conducted an investigation. Structure was unoccupied and no injuries were sustained.


Mutual Aid for Crocker Fire
08/24/2011 Paged as mutual aid for Crocker fire. Asked to provide water and manpower to help extigush a barn with haybales on fire inside.


Mutual Aid to Dixon O Hwy Brush Fire
9/6/2011 Paged as commercial structure fire on O hwy at 3:41 p.m. Enroute, crew learned that the fire had spread and become a natural cover fire. Upon arrival crews helped extiguish the fire and cleared the scene at 4:45 p.m.


I 44 Winnebago Fire
07/28/2011 paged at 2:36 pm to assist Doolittle Fire for a motor vehicle fire on I-44 W at the 170 mile marker. Enroute crews learned that it was a fully involved Winnebago. Upon arrival, crews found the Winnebago mostly destroyed by the fire. Fire was extiguished by Doolitte Fire and Waynesville Fire with the aid of St. Robert Fire.


Natural Cover Fire Spruce/Sunlight Rd
11/18/2011 Paged as a natual cover fire at 3:10 p.m. Upon arrival crews found approx. 4 acres on fire, units proceeded to build a fire line and protect exposures during which 3 sheds were found to be on fire as well at the rear of the fire, a second alarm was struck and mutual aid was recieved from St. Robert fire. Fires were confined and extiguished, units cleared scene at 4:20 p.m.


MVA Historic 66 West
08/25/2011 paged out at 7:33 a.m. Motor vehicle accident with injury, one vehicle found on its side in the ditch upon arrival. Firefighters assisted with extraction and loading of the patient for trasport.


Automatic Aid to St. Robert at the Baymont
08/12/2011 Paged out at 4:06 pm as a building fire, responded to the Baymont Hotel where a suspected lightening strike started a fire. Upon investigation with St. Robert Fire, fire was found in the attic of the building and extiguished. No injuries were sustained.


Natural Cover Fire on Beauford Rd.
7/7/2012 1909 arrived on scene to find approx 3 acres of an open field burning. He also stated as they approached scene the he also had a structure that was becoming involved. 1951 Arrived on scene and began extinguishment of the field, After the fire near the home was extinguished then the underpinning of the trailer was put out. Continued to extinguish the flames with the assistance of Crocker units that had arrived on scene. Fire was brought under control, and command was terminated.


Passenger Vehicle Fire
4/26/2012 Paged out at 2:18 pm for a passenger vehicle on fire. 1961 arrive on scene and began extinguishment of a partially involved vehicle. 1951 arrived and crews assisted with the extinguishment and overhaul. Command was terminated and all units cleared at 2:44 pm.


Motor Vehicle Accident
3/15/2012 Paged out at 5:41 pm for a motor vehicle accident on west bound I-44. Crews arrived on scene to find a tractor trailer unit overturned on its side. Units clear truck of all obstructions so that it could be turned upright for hauling. Units were paged out to another vehicle accident but then returned to finish clearing vehicle and provide traffic control so the truck could be removed from the scene. Command was terminated and all units cleared the scene at 8:01 pm


Building/Natural Cover Fire
5/20/2012 Paged out at 1:19 pm for structure on fire. Crews arrived on scene to find a small fire burning up the outside corner of a residence also igniting an approximately 1 acre grass fire. Doolittle fire crews arrived on scene and began extinguishing the home while Waynesville crews started extinguishment of the grass fire. Both fires were brought under control and it was determined that the fire had not breached the inside of the home. Command terminated and units cleared scene at 2:45 pm.


Natural Cover Fire Hwy 28
7/27/2012 Paged out at 4:11 pm for Natural Cover Fire. Crews arrived on scene to find approximately 1/2 acre on fire. Lines were pulled and fire extinguished. Command terminated and units cleared at 5:27 pm.


Motor Vehicle Accident
7/14/2012 Paged out at 1:44 pm as Motor Vehicle Accident (vehicle into a building). Upon arrival, units found a semi-truck pulling a trailer carrying a front end loader that struck the top of the garage door. Units evacuated the area inside the garage, and began clearing debris from the top of the front end loader. Units assisted getting the semi-truck out of the garage by removing handing structural members with a cutting torch and by clearing other overhead obstructions. Once the semi truck had been removed from the building, units assisted with clearing the debris off the trailer. Command was terminated and units cleared scene at 3:13 pm.


Motor Vehicle Accident
7/19/2012 Paged out at 10:04 am for Motor Vehicle Accident on I-44. Crews arrived on scene to find a one vehicle rollover off the roadway. Assistance was given with traffic control as well as assisting the wrecker service with cutting median cables so the vehicle could be removed. Command was terminated and units cleared scene at 10:59 am.


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