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Monthly Statistics for 1/11

Incident Type


100-Fire, other`1
111-Building fire15
114-Chimney or flue fire confined to chimney or flue1
130-Mobile property (vehicle) fire, other1
131-Passenger cehicle fire1
136-Self propelled motor home or recreational vehicle 1
142-Brush or brush and grass mixture fire1
151-Outside rubbish, trash, or waste fire2
153-Construction or demolition landfill fire1
154-Outside trash receptacle fire1
311-Medical assist, assist EMS crew30
322-Motor vehicle accident with injury5
324-Motor vehicle acciddent with no injury8
442-Overheated motor1
542-Animal rescue1
551-Assist police or other government agency1
600-Good intent call, other4
611-Dispatched and canceled enroute3
650-Steam or other gas mistaken smoke1
651-Smoke scare, odor of smoke1
652-Steam, vapor, fog, or dust thought to be smoke1
700-Flase alarm or false call, other6
743-Smoke detector activation, no fire - unintentional1



Yearly Statistics 2011
Incident TypeFrequency
3-Incident Type0
100-Fire, other10
111-Building Fire64
112-Fires in structures other than a building1
113-Cooking fire, confined to container1
114-Chimney or flue fire confined to chimney or flue1
118-Trash or rubbish fire, contained1
130-Mobile property (vehicle) fire, other2
131-Passenger vehicle fire9
132-Road Freight or Transport Vehicle fire11
136-Self propelled motor home or recreational vehicle 1
137-Camper or Recreational Vehicle (RV) Fire1
140-Natural vegetation fire, other10
141-Forest, woods or wildland fire10
142-Brush, or brush and grass mixture fire21
143-Grass fire6
150-Outside rubbish fire, other5
151-Outside rubbish, trash or waste fire13
153-Construction or demolition landfill fire4
154-Outside trash receptacle fire5
160-Special outside fire, other1
162-Outside Equipment Fire1
170-Cultivated vegetation, crop fire, other1
200-Overpressure rupture, explosion, overheat, other1
251-Excessive heat, scorch burns with no ignition1
300-Rescue, emergency medical call (EMS) other1
311-Medical assist, assist EMS crew352
322-Vehicle accident with injury93
323-Motor vehicle / pedestrian accident1
324-Motor vehicle accident with no injury87
341-Search for Person on Land1
350-Extrication, rescue, other2
351-Extrication of victims from building/structure1
352-Extrication of Victim(s) from Vehicle2
353-Removal of victims from stalled elevator2
356-High angle rescue1
361-Swimming/Recreational Water Rescue1
363-Swift water rescue3
365-Watercraft rescue2
381-Rescue or EMS Standby1
410-Flammable gas or liquid condition, other1
411-Flammable liquid spill5
412-Gas leak (natural or LPG)24
413-Oil or other combustible liquid spill1
421-Chemical Hazard (no leak or spill)3
442-Overheated motor1
444-Power line down6
445-Arcing, shorted electrical equipment6
471-Explosive, bomb 1
500-Service Call1
510-Person in distress2
531-Smoke or odor removal3
542-Animal Rescue10
551-Assist police or other governmental agency8
552-Police matter1
553-Public service1
555-Defective elevator, no occupants1
561-Unauthorized burning4
600-Good intent call13
611-Dispatched and cancelled enroute24
622-No Incident Found on Arrival at Dispatch Address2
631-Authorized controlled burning3
632-Prescribed fire1
650-Steam or other gas mistaken smoke2
651-Smoke scare, odor of smoke19
652-Smoke scare, odor of smoke3
671-Hazmat release investigation w/ no hazmat1
700-False alarm, false call66
710-Malicious, mischievous false call, other1
715-Local alarm system, malicious false alarm1
730-System malfunction, other1
733-Smoke detector activation due to malfunction6
743-Smoke detecor activation, no fire - unintentional22
744-Detector activation, no fire - unintentional4
745-Alarm system sounded, no fire - unintentional3
746-Carbon Monoxide detector activation, no CO3
814-Lightning strike, no fire2
900-Special type of incident, other4
911-Citizen complaint2


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